Wednesday, September 17, 2008

American Archives, the Manuscript and Book Collection of Peter Force (1790-1868)

From: Dick Hillenbrand
Just wanted to call your attention to a fabulous online collection called "American Archives" the collection of Peter Force, all nine volumes. The U.S Government purchased his whole collection which became the nucleus of the Library of Congress. He collected documents and books on the early settling of America. [Now it is available] online, all free, amazing.

I wrote about this on one of my recent Blog posts and think your readers might like to know about it. American Archives, the Manuscript and Book Collection of Peter Force, (1790-1868.)

I know you've been flitting about recently, and I just wanted to be sure you saw it.
All the best.

Thanks for keeping me and my readers in mind. With the explosive growth of the internet, it's impossible to keep up with all that can help us with our family history research. Being "in flight" between conferences overseas, and in Philly gets frustrating as it seems there is something new coming down the pike almost hourly.

My readers simply must read your blog for the details about the scope of the Peter Force collection.

Ol' Myrt here particularly enjoyed hearing about the personal research experiences on your mother's side of the family tree, including:

"About 25 or so years ago I was at the library in Cornell University and I came across a transcription description of Seth’s arrest in 1776 by the Americans, and being excited did not cite the exact reference. All I remembered when I went back later was that it was in a large book which was part of a multi-volume set. See boys and girls, cite your sources!"

It is quite something for the more experienced researchers like you to share your initial mistakes for those who follow in your footsteps. I think it is reassuring. We don't want newbie genealogists to become overwhelmed and throw in the towel. Thank-you, Dick, for being a strong voice of encouragement.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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