Friday, September 12, 2008

Are conference CDs worth it?


Re: UGA Conference

We learned of the UGA conference only days ago and were informed when, we tried to register, that our chances of getting in classes was marginal. That caution, many miles to travel, and a son's 8 week early baby threatening to arrive today, we have changed our minds against traveling. I appreciate your e-mails which help to keep my excitement high and the intellect sharp! We try to be of service in our own little space (now 14 computers and over 60 patron assistants) in Blackfoot Idaho FHC. Would the syllabus or CD be helpful to us and would it be available?

Congrats are in order on at least two counts --
  • The birth of your grandson
  • The work you do with the Blackfoot Idaho Family History Center
The classes look very full, with people standing along the walls. They're also sitting on chairs at the doorway leaning in to hear the presenters and view the PowerPoint slides.

Now to answer your question ordering the syllabus even if you don't plan to attend the conference -- YES, YES, YES, the syllabus in print or CD format is worth it! I've perused the handouts and find them instructive.

Using the syllabus as a basis for classes at your FHC might be a something to consider. If you have a computer projector, a speaker phone and internet access, Ol' Myrt here could be persuaded to appear "virtually" to give one or two of her classes to get the ball rolling.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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