Thursday, September 04, 2008

Capturing Memories: Your Family History in Photographs

Ol' Myrt is reporting from the 2008 FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) conference in Philly. Lots of great classes & new offerings from vendors.
This morning, after my podcast interview with’s Tim Sullivan, Lou Szucs handed me a review copy of Maureen Taylor’s Capturing Memories: Your Family History in Photographs. Ol’ Myrt previously blogged about Maureen's genealogy detective work, and interviewed her on a recent podcast:

Maureen has a lot of irons in the fire, but her main role as the Photo Detective is the basis for her newest book Capturing Memories. A few chapter headings and topics include:

Camera-Carrying Habits where she reminds us to get extra batteries and have additional memory cards for those digital cameras.

A Camera for Everyone with her best thoughts on purchasing a film or digital camera depending on your needs as the family photographer. She recommends the NY Institute of Photography website for suggestions.

Family Photo Basics: Processing & Printing Though many of us are into digital photography, Maureen takes time to explain film formats and film processing. There is even advice of developing old negatives. Here you’ll find her notes on photo printers.

Documenting for the future Taking into account that most genealogists have inherited a boxful of unlabeled ancestral photographs, Maureen discusses the importance of our roles as family historians -- ensuring that all current and future photos don’t meet the same fate. Photographing heirlooms, effective digital labeling of photos, and storing in archival quality containers and albums are additional topics in this chapter.

Great photographers like Maureen have a keen eye for composition and perspective. Maureen shares her insights and provides solutions to common errors. She balances advice about cutting-edge technology (digital image editing software) with ideas for photographing gravestones and old documents. Just the sort of challenges facing family historians.

Maureen is just the sort of photography coach you’d like to have in your corner and you'll find her Capturing Memories a nifty tutorial at the nifty price of $11.95.

Happy family tree climbing!
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