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DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour 2 Sept 2008 2008 genealogy podcast

DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour 2 Sept 2008 2008 genealogy podcast is available for listening via computer or transferred to any .mp3 player if you choose to download the file. An alternative would be to download the file automatically via iTunes. You don’t need an iPod to listen. For a complete list of current DearMYRTLE podcasts visit: You may play, pause, rewind and listen to podcasts as many times as you wish.

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Elizabeth Powell Crowe, author of Genealogy Online 8th edition. Several Projects by Megan Smolenyak. Libbi writes "Many of you know Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak as the lead researcher for the PBS Ancestors series where she delved into over 5,000 genealogical stories and developed much of the content for the companion website ( She has subsequently consulted for other television programs, including They Came to America and African American Lives for PBS, and BBC’s Timewatch (regarding the identification of sailors’ remains recovered from the USS Monitor). Megan currently serves as Chief Family Historian and North American spokesperson for and is also co-founder of Roots Television just to name a few of her accomplishments. Megan is also host of the series Unclaimed Persons on Roots Tevelevision. Unclaimed Persons features cases–one involving a man who was found in his jeep in the desert and had been lost to his family for more than 50 years — from Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania and San Bernardino County, California. Unclaimed Persons can be viewed here and more information is available at RootsTelevision. (This segment begins 8:32 minutes into the podcast.)

Libbi also talk about the difficult task of going through her mother's compiled genealogy files, particularly on her Powell line in the days before computers and photocopies. Letters from Libbi's great-aunts and uncles provide eyewitness recollections of even earlier generations.

Libbi quotes ideas from Genealogy Online about the necessity of looking at so-called secondary resources such as the society page in the newspaper, using and newspaper collections. Looking at land records to see if the tract of land has been divided among heirs. Mentioned were the original deeds at the Bureau of Land Management land records.

Duff Wilson, the product manager for Family Tree Maker 2009. He has 15 years of software design and development experience creating user-friendly products and has earned national awards for his work. He holds a master's degree from Utah State University in instructional technology with an emphasis in computer-based instruction. He is an avid genealogist. In the process of designing Family Tree Maker, Duff works closely with countless genealogists, ranging from novice to expert. (This segment begins 35 minutes into the podcast.)


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Brite Music has great kids' music, songs & activity books. The music is also available in .mp3 format for your iPod. During the podcast you'll hear "I know my number". Ol' Myrt taught her young children to memorize the family telephone number using this song, and now her daughters are teaching Myrt's grandchildren using the same song. It's from the Safety Kids CD.

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