Saturday, September 27, 2008

FamilyInsight now in open beta

Long-time users of PAF Insight, the add-on program designed to tweak genealogy databases created in PAF (Personal Ancestral File), are pleased to note the release of FamilyInsight to "open beta" which means this is 99.44% perfected.

  • Use the NEW MODE to search for your family in the FamilySearch family tree (You must already
    have access to
  • Easily combine records in the FamilySearch family tree
  • Separate improperly combined records found in FamilySearch family tree
  • Synchronize your PAF records with matching records in the FamilySearch family tree
    • Send your information to the FamilySearch family tree
    • Receive information from the FamilySearch family tree
  • Dispute information found in the FamilySearch family tree
  • Use the IMPROVED Edit Places mode to check your place-names against the standardize place-names list in FamilySearch
  • Works on both Windows and Macintosh Computers
  • FamilyInsight is a free update if you have a current license or update license of PAF Insight

NOTE: With few exception, access to is currently limited to LDS Church members who reside outside the Wasatch Front area in the US. Sometime within the next year, the will be available to all interested genealogists.

An upcoming interview on the Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast series will feature FamilyInsight creator John Vilburn.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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