Saturday, September 27, 2008

FHExpos Genealogy Podcast debuts

Click to hear the new podcast series.

Ol' Myrt here is pleased to announce the debut of the
Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast series, where she serves as hostess. It's been a busy week, fine tuning the details and arranging the website.

Earlier this month Ol' Myrt wrote about changing their name to Family H
istory Expo, as they've shifted focus to the most successful part of their work. See: MyAncestorsFound becomes So the name is new, but the people are the the familiar, friendly folks that even Dick Eastman raves about.

Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast - Episode 1 features Holly Hansen who describes the name change and provides an overview of the upcoming Mesa Arizona Family History Expo to be held 14-15 November 2008 at the Mesa Convention Center. This year's theme "CyberExchange 101: Learn the tech to search your roots" will be introduced by keynote speaker Don R. Anderson, Senior Vice President at FamilySearch. Holly explains there are ten classes per session, over a two-day period. FamilySearch is sponsoring 2 classrooms each hour, and is sponsoring 1 classroom per hour.

Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast - Episode 2 features Sue Clark who will be teaching a class titled Ellis Island and the Immigrant Experience. During the podcast Sue provides insights about how our immigrant ancestors saw and experienced Ellis Island. Her class presentation will include with photos and a step-by-step tour through the admittance process. Online and print sources for records (passenger lists and ship photos) will be featured, including those from Castle Garden, the processing station in operation before Ellis Island.

Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast - Episode 3 features Barry Ewell. During the podcast Barry provides a few advanced tips from his three upcoming presentations including:

  • How to Effectively Conduct Genealogy Research on the Internet - Are you frustrated with searching the internet and not being able to find information about your family? During this presentation expect to learn how to conduct Google search that help you find more of your family from across the internet in obscure websites to frequently visited databases and collections that hold the knowledge and clues to finding your family.
  • Digital Photography for the Genealogist - Turn the digital camera into one of your most valued genealogical research tools. Effectively acquire records and preserve documents. Cut your reproduction costs by a minimum of 50%, achieve 3 times more with your available time. Also learn how to preserve, catalog, and file images for easy access.
  • If Sherlock Holmes were a Genealogist - Learn the secrets used by Sherlock Holmes and become a first rate genealogist - investigator, researcher, problem-solver, and mystery buster.
    We will explore the main steps used by Sherlock to solve mysteries which include: 1. Observation 2. Analysis 3. Search 4. Imagination.

Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast - Episode 4 features Gordon Booth who discusses records availability and a few tidbits from his upcoming presentation titled Getting Acquainted with English Family History . This beginners' class will focus on the elements of English culture, history and industry--as they affect family history research. Important information sources will be covered as well as their general availability. The dates of historic events will be discussed, explaining how they affect the types of records that were kept. Key dates will be highlighted along with explanations of how they point to likely (and available) sources of family history details.

iTunes will pick up the podcast shortly. There is no rushing them I guess! In the mean time, you'll find the new
Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast by going to and
click on the "podcast' tab. Remember you don't need an iPod to listen. Just turn up those computer speakers, and click the play button on radio on the right side of the screen to listen to each episode.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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