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From: Amir Dekel
I wanted to leave a comment about as well as but your blog doesn't allow for comments. I guess you had those turned on at some point because there is a chicklet to subscribe to comments in the right side bar.

RE: exceeded 1 million unique visitors - Aug 2008.
Anyway, is brilliant! I uploaded my 9k+ GEDCOM and outside some formatting issues it went pretty well. Then I started inviting people to join and the response has been phenomenal! I also found a lot of potential distant relatives with family trees that we are trying to merge by finding the common ancestors. It has been a terrific research tool for me as well.

RE: Virtual genealogy speakers at local societies (using
I use GoTo for work and it doesn't come easier than this. [Emphasis added.] I think the ability to connect remotely to the seminar and be able to use your computer in the comfort of your environment is tremendous. Thanks Myrt, Amir.

I checked out your blog -- good luck with the research on your mom's side of the family tree.

As to my blog comments option - you are correct, Ol' Myrt here turned that option off. People seldom used it and apparently prefer to write to me personally at .

I'll be sure to tell the folks about your positive feedback, as I will be meeting with them later here at the last day of the FGS Federation of Genealogical Society's 2008 conference.

Two days ago I made an announcement offering virtual appearances, and already three genealogy societies have responded with invitations to have Ol' Myrt speak. I am very excited to visit with researchers without the added challenge of lost luggage.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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