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Genealogical Speakers Guild

From: Lisa or Jeff Hale
I found your name in the Genealogical Speakers Guild and see that you live nearby me. I am recently interested in family research and am looking for a specialist in the /NW GA/ Chattanooga TN/ Birmingham AL area. I have scoured the and Heritage Quest for census info. I made a trip to Chattanooga (library and court house) but don't have what I need. I'm looking to go beyond my great grandparents, pre 1880. Any ideas? I am going to attend the Oct 08 [Manasota Genealogical Society] meeting at the Bradenton Library. Hope you are still involved. I would love to take one of your MTI computer courses. Thanks , Lisa Hale

Thank-you for reminding me that I should update my personal page at the Genealogical Speakers Guild website. I've moved to Salt Lake City and do not participate except as a past president of the Manasota Genealogical Society. You will find Ed Gaulin, Barb Schultz and others there to be quite active and supportive of genealogical research.

I should mention that the downtown Sarasota public library has a collection of Tennessee research books upstairs in the genealogy department.

Also you'll want to visit the LDS Family History Center at 3400 Cortez Road West in Bradenton. The beauty here is to access microfilm of the records in the places where your ancestors once lived. That is how Ol' Myrt here does research without having to travel all over the place.
Gasoline is a lot more expensive that ordering in a microfilm to look at probate or parish records.

See the Tennessee Research Outline and the Family History Library Catalog. Both are found online at: .

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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