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My Ancestors Found Call for Papers 2009

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following is just in from our friends at MyAncestorsFound.com. (MAF) This is the company that provides low-cost, high quality family history expos in the intermountain west, with plans to expand to a few mid-west and eastern venues in the coming year. Please address all inquiries to Holly@MyAncestorsFound.com.

MAF was the first genealogy company to provide syllabus materials on CD, which is now considered standard procedure by NGS and FGS. Now a new standard is being set with the decision to reduce manpower by using one syllabus at multiple events. See also:
  • Dick Eastman's "No Highway Robbery at Mesa, Arizona Conference" posted 11 Sept 2008.
  • DearMYRTLE's "MESA: 24-25 Nov 2008" posted 28 Aug 2008. DearMYRTLE is a sponsor of this event. Announcements will be made later this week about the release of MAF podcast interviews of presenters and vendors participating in the Mesa event. Ol' Myrt will serve as host of the podcast.
My Ancestors Found Call for Papers 2009

My Ancestors Found issues this call for papers to those interested in being a Presenter at one of our upcoming Family History Expos to be held in 2009.

Because of the high demand for our events we are preparing one large syllabus to be used at multiple events. If your presentation is accepted to appear in our syllabus you will have the opportunity to present at one or more of our 2009 Family History Expos!

We are currently scheduling Family History Expos in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. We are also considering some eastern states.

~ Presentation submission deadline is October 31st, 2008 ~

Reasons to Participate in one of our Expos!
  • Present and share your expertise to large groups of family history enthusiasts
  • Network with other professionals and potential clients
  • Talk about your family history products and services to attendees in a classroom setting
  • Sharpen your skills by learning from others

For specific submission requirements please contact us at http://www.blogger.com/expos@myancestorsfound.com.

If you have already submitted papers for the St. George Family History Expo in February of 2009 your submission is being considered and you will be notified asap.

We look forward to working with you!

Holly T. Hansen
President - My Ancestors Found

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