Thursday, October 16, 2008

FamilySearchIndexing is easy

From: Margaret

Thanks always for your informative podcasts!

I did get motivated to sign up for after your last podcast. Describing how easy the software made the task was very convincing. I did 80 names in a few minutes, and it was painless (1870 census). Is there a way to enter a "stake" that refers to "Team DearMYRTLE" so you can get feedback on your personal influence on this project?

THANK you very much for volunteering to index scanned images. This work IS easy and I think it is a lot more fun than playing “Spider Solitaire” and, of course, a lot more productive.

There are ways to set up group indexing projects. These are usually associated with specific record collections. For instance, the Utah Genealogical Association and the Ohio Genealogical Society are two such entities that influenced members to participate.

A little competition is good for the soul, but I am not sure I dare ask the FamilySearch people for a special “Team DearMYRTLE” designation. They’d have to deal with previously registered indexers who’d want to join the team.

Ol’ Myrt here is sure that as additional digital images are indexed and placed on the net, other genealogists will see the value of this project, and will join this massive indexing effort.

In a recent notice from posted October 2, 2008 titled Access to Indexes and Images we read: “All indexes created by FamilySearch volunteers will be available free to the general public through Access to any images with a “convenience fee” provided under FamilySearch affiliate agreements (e.g., with,, and will be available for free through any family history center worldwide, to LDS Church members, and qualified FamilySearch indexers (a volunteer who indexes 900 names in a 90 day period will have 90 days of free image access). FamilySearch is testing a validation system that will enable it to authenticate qualified FamilySearch members. It will be implemented in 2009.”

If you do the math, becoming a “qualified FamilySearch indexer amounts to indexing about 10 names per day.

I am just thrilled to be part of the indexing project, and will continue from time to time to encourage my blog readers and podcast listeners to participate.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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