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NGS UpFront: recommended reading

To those of you with ancestors in the US, have you subscribed to the free National Genealogical Society Online Newsletter? Its called UpFront, and Ol' Myrt here is particularly impressed with the latest issue, Volume 10, Number 10-1 October 2008.

For instance, if you'd like to know about a researcher's first experience looking at a Union Civil War pension and widow's file, you'll particularly enjoy NGS President Jan Alpert's article titled
"Civil War Pension Files: Well Worth the Effort." Jan wrote:

"Fortunately, the file contained more than 75 pages, including considerable information that we had not found in any other record. The file did not provide the names of Stewart Neill’s parents, but it said that he was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, and that he was 33 years of age and six feet tall with dark complexion, gray eyes, and black hair. His occupation when he enlisted was carpenter. This information narrowed my search from all of Ohio to the area in and around Trumbull County, Ohio."

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