Friday, October 03, 2008


Re: Correcting Mistakes

From: Nancy
Here is another coincidence. I just now read your article "Correcting Mistakes". For the past 2 days, what have I been doing? Communicating with a newly-discovered distant cousin who had an error in a birthplace for a mutual ancestor, and working with him to correct that misinformation on his website -- misinformation I am afraid I placed on the Internet 7 or more years ago, of course, not realizing it was incorrect. I have since discovered the error, but find it has been perpetuated many times since then by many people. Oh, how I regret that mistake of mine! But despite mistakes, I have decided that it is better to put what I think is true on my family tree to give others the opportunity to add to it or correct it. Waiting till I have proven every fact is, I feel, depriving others of data they might use as stepping-stones for their own searches.

So here I have been, trying to correct an error, and along comes your article on the same subject, wherein you have mentioned another coincidence you ran into!! Life is so surprising at times, isn't it? "Ain't" it fun?? I love it. And I love genealogy, too. It is the most interesting, stimulating, fascinating,
inspirational, engrossing facet of my life! And I love your blog, too!

Thanks for all the helpful and interesting articles you send out. Please keep up the work as long as you can. Stay well and healthy, and "happy climbing" to you, too!

Certainly over seven year's time, a researcher will go back through and determine the reliability of his earlier research conclusions. Thank-fully you are not one of those "quick click" online genealogists that works an entire 2 hours, and then settles his/her genealogy once and for all. (sigh!)

Might Ol' Myrt here also suggest a message board posting at for the surname in question. The subject line could have the word CORRECTED in it. You can describe the original information, and the process you've gone through finding documents that lead you to the new lineage conclusions. The message boards are likely to remain up longer than an individual's website.

Keep up the good work, kiddo.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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