Tuesday, October 14, 2008

READER'S FEEDBACK: Scanning, Filing, and a plug for Footnote.com

From: Lise Embley

RE: Sorting things out
Thank you for so thoroughly discussing the paper trail! I have more people ask for help with that aspect of family history than any other single question.

About scanning – I am the (grateful) recipient of quite a few family heirloom documents that no one knew quite what to do with. Included among those documents are a dozen or so letters dating back to the 1830’s. I have had many of them de-acidified and encapsulated (using the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives lab – a well-kept secret in Frankfort). Then I scanned them.

When my husband got me a subscription to www.Footnote.com for Christmas, I finally realized the perfect “resting” place for those letters. For an example, go to Footnote.com and look for Nathaniel Bird. His Revolutionary War pension file is there, and I have contributed a letter written to his son Frederick in the wilds of frontier Illinois. The letter is an absolute treasure. Nathaniel Bird must have hundreds of descendants, and now all of them can read the touching words of counsel of a good father to his son.

We live in hurricane territory. I sleep a lot better knowing that I have backups (Mozy), historic photos uploaded to Google's Picasa, significant historic documents uploaded to Footnote.com, and a gedcom uploaded to Rootsweb's WorldConnect. My papers could be gone in an instant – tornado, fire, flood, whatever.

I appreciate what you do. I have all my family history consultants subscribe to your newsletter. We’re all better prepared to serve our ward members and the community thanks to you!

Lise Embley
Williamsburg Family History Center

Ol' Myrt here thinks your idea about maintaining records online is a good one when it comes to sharing. Eventually we'll all probably keep all of our data online, genealogy or otherwise. That way we won't have to depend on any particular computer for storage. The only problem is living individuals and their rights to privacy.

Your Family History Consultants will be especially pleased with today's previous blog entry from Family Search New Online Tools and Training for Family History Consultants.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.



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