Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Myrt's Salt Lake Institute registration

We must always be thinking, learning, growing. Ol’ Myrt here may talk, blog, podcast, teach, cajole and brow beat her readers, listeners and study group members -- but she, too, must consider taking advantage of educational opportunities. Accordingly, though I will be serving as the dinner speaker during the 2009 Salt Lake Institute, I’ve also registered to take a number of classes in addition to coursework to assist with my British ancestral quest.

  • English Research with David Rencher (full course)
  • Plenary Session with Dr. Thomas Jones, Ph.D (evening session)
  • Quick, Complete and Accurate: Document Analysis for Researchers, by J. Mark Lowe (evening session)
  • The Jones Jinx: Tracing Common Surnames, by Thomas Jones (evening session)
  • Using Original and Derivative Sources: How to Evaluate Evidence, by John P. Colletta (evening session)
  • Twenty Years of Stuff. Now What Do I Do?, by Elissa Scalise Powell (evening session)
  • Remembering the War: Civil War Veterans, by J. Mark Lowe (evening session)
  • Discovering the Stories of Your Immigrant Ancestors, by John P. Colletta (evening session)

What classes will you take? Check it out at www.infouga.org.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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