Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patent search at Google provides new ancestral locality

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just posted at the Teach Genealogy Blog (TGB). However, the find is so worthwhile, I felt I should cross-post it here for my DM readers who haven't yet subscribed to TGB.

On return from travels to warmer climes, Ol’ Myrt here was happy to meet again with genealogy researchers in Second Life (SL) at the Sunday evening online VOICE chat on the front porch of SL's Family History Centre. When I mention online chats, people tend to back away thinking Second Life is just a game. Not so! Worthwhile research ideas and experiences are discussed at SL genealogy meetings.

A diligent researcher, whose Second Life name is “Binbag Slonimsk”, unearthed a clue that puts her Whitney W. Malone in Nashville, Tennessee on the 14th of April 1866 – a totally new and unexpected locality for this gentlemen. She had previously lost him perhaps owing to the US Civil War or the War Between the States.

"Binbag" used the “Patent Search” at Google to find Whitney, as she reports:

“Just wanted to share with you the patent I found at Google so you can see what it looks like and what information it offers. Though, I still haven't found Whitney Meglone in the 1870 census, this gives me other names to look at to see if I might be able to narrow down where he might have been and what other records might exist- there may be other documents to support this patent and they may also contain dates and locations. This Whitney Meglone was the son of Montgomery Meglone and Maria Sharpe of Lexington, and brother to Mary Meglone who married a Hutchison. I believe Whitney's father Montgomery was a brother of my Martha Meglone who married Benjamin McIntyre and died after the birth of their daughter Martha McIntyre (my great-great grandmother, who I have a picture of from about 1911 and she is holding my infant grandfather).”

Here is the link:http://www.google.com/patents?id=I10AAAAAEBAJ&dq=Whitney+Meglone

In the patent search, Binbag discovered that her ancestor invented an “improved instrument for removing effervescing fluids from bottles" -- for instance a bottle of champagne.

Google provides the following links to information about the Patent:
Abstract Drawing Description Claims

Patent number: 57256
Issue date: Aug 1866

Tonight’s Second Life genealogy chat will concern the use of blogs for family and society newsletters. In this time when cost-saving efforts are recommended on every front, blogging is certainly a viable alternative to expensive printing and snail mail costs.

Happy family tree climbing!
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