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DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour 9 Dec 2008 genealogy podcast

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Joe Everett, International Content Manager for Before joining Ancestry, Joe was the head of the International Reference staff at the Family History Library, where he also worked as a Slavic and Germanic records librarian. Joe earned a B.A. in Russian Language and in Family History/Genealogy (Germanic emphasis) from Brigham Young University and a Master of Library Science degree from Emporia State University (Kansas). He has served as an officer in the Federation of East European Family History Societies and the Genealogy & Local History Committees of the American Library Association and Utah Library Association. He has also given lectures and published articles on Slavic and Germanic family history and Central & East European historical geography and migration. This segment begins 7 minutes into the podcast.

Thus far, Ancestry has created seven sister web sites to United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and China. International record collections thus far primarily focused on these countries. That’s not to say they aren’t publishing records from any other countries. (Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia and more.) All of the international record collections are available to Ancestry members subscribed to World Deluxe. (Some databases are available for free.)

  • Search Directories (including German city directories mentioned during the podcast.)

  • Search UK Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960 "This database is an index to the Board of Trade’s passenger lists of ships arriving in the United Kingdom from foreign ports outside of Europe and the Mediterranean from 1878-1888 and 1890-1960. Information listed on the
    passenger lists may include: name of passenger, their birth date or age, port of departure, port of arrival, date of arrival, and vessel name. For more information about this database,

    click here.

  • Canada Passenger Records 1865-1935 "This database contains passenger lists of ships arriving in various Canadian ports, as well as a few eastern U.S. ports, from 1865-1935. Information listed in these records includes: name of passenger, age, gender, marital status, birth country, nationality, occupation, and religious affiliation. For more information about this database, click here."

Elizabeth Powell Crowe, author of Genealogy Online 8th edition. Libbi joins Myrt to discuss ideas for sharing family history gifts during the upcoming holidayClick to search selected pages of Elizabeth's book. season. This segment
begins 27 minutes into the podcast.


Second Life (Once you've joined (it's free), search for Clarise Beaumont or DearMYRTLE Writer.)'s weekly reports of new or updated items in at See sample
blog entry
FamilySearch: 1870 US, Cook Co. Illinois Marriages, etc.

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Brite Music has great kids' music, songs & activity books. The music is also available in .mp3 format for your iPod. During the podcast you'll hear "I know my
. Ol' Myrt taught her young children to memorize the family telephone number using this song, and now her daughters are teaching Myrt's grandchildren using the same song. It's from the Safety Kids CD.

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