Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First Parish Cemetery of York, Maine

From: Tom Feeney memorializations@gmail.com
We have just set up a "Memorialization Website" for our cemetery at the First Parish Church in York Maine

I'm curious as to your reactions to this new concept. Each person has their own webpage which is available for recognition by church, veterans, fire department, and historical groups. Each page has plenty of room for family remembrances, photos and links.

So far, our Senior Center is sponsoring a program to help their members write remembrances. The Church History Committee will be working to identify church members that are buried here. Each member will be given recognition on their page. The local historical society is starting to link its archive material to the people buried at First Parish Cemetery. We think this will be a great community project and welcome your comments.

Thank you.
Tom Feeney, Trustee

For some reason I found your important email in my “junk” mail folder. However, I took you at your word, and checked out your new website. Your comments on the home page explain that "The Trustees of First Parish Cemetery have recently surveyed the existing records of burials in our cemetery. Over the years there have been at least two stone-to-stone studies".

The pictures are unusually brilliant, and show off the cemetery in good form. Please send my congratulations to the Rev. Dr. Rich Knight, Senior Pastor, First Parish Church for his work in this regard.

The idea to devote a page to each of the 6,100 current burials, and make room for additional entries is a phenomenal undertaking. Ol' Myrt here has a few humble suggestions:
  • Be sure there is a link to your home page on every page on the site.
  • Place a statement on each page something like "If you have additional information about this individual, contact ______________ to have the information incorporated into this memorial page."
  • Place a customized Google Search button on each page, so that the pages are spidered by Google, and will show up in a Google Search sooner rather than later. Find out more about this at www.google.com/sitesearch.

It will be wonderful when individual gravestone pictures are also incorporated into the mix, but that is a major undertaking. Maybe someone in your parish would consent to taking the pics on an as-requested basis?

This is a major project, well worth your time and effort, and it is just the sort of local history & genealogy activity Ol’ Myrt here LOVES to spotlight! Thank-you for sharing, and also for providing encouragement to other church, history or genealogy groups to do likewise in their communities. We must preserve our past before the burial records are lost and the tombstone inscriptions are obliterated by the ravages of time.

Keep up the great work.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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