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Podcasts: DearMYRTLE & FHExpos

During my break in podcasting
DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour, Ol' Myrt here spend six weeks working on a whopping 36 episodes of podcasts for our friends at While the interviewees talked about their presentations for the 2008 Mesa Arizona Family History Expo, there is significant content available for these podcasts to be of interest to all genealogists.

Listen by clicking on the links below. Alternately, you may add Family History Expos podcasts to your personal copy of iTunes. You don't need an iPod to listen, just turn up those computer speakers.

Here's the lineup of my 2008 Family History Expos Genealogy Podcast interviews:

Episode 1 - features Holly Hansen, President of, formerly She discusses the change in emphasis for her company including expanded regional expos, and the role her work plays in educating family historians and featuring experienced presenters and vendors at her events.

Episode 2 - features Sue Clark to discuss Ellis Island and the immigrant experience.

Episode 3 - features Barry Ewell to discuss "If Sherlock Holmes were a Genealogist, and digital photography.

Episode 4 - features Gordon Booth discussing beginning English ancestral research.

Episode 5 - features Gaylon Findlay, from the home of Ancestral Quest genealogy management software.

Episode 6 - features Betsy Frith Gottsponer, MLS discussing beginning genealogy research challenges.

Episode 7 - features Steve Anderson from to discuss what's new, and how things may change in the future.

Episode 8 - features Scott Huskey from to discuss this new site with online photo storage with face-tagging and image linking tools.

Episode 9 - features Devin Ashby from in my first bi-lingual podcast interview. We discuss Spanish language records at

Episode 10 - features Billy Edgington, with expertise in Native American ancestral research. We discuss homestead and donation land claims.

Episode 11 - features Laura Best from EchoRoad to discuss preserving, storing and displaying family documents and heirlooms without harming them.

Episode 12 - features Jim Greene from to discuss and the differences between "Labs" and "Pilot" projects at

Episode 13 - features Merrill White from to discuss Family History Consultant Training.

Episode 14 - features Michael Booth from to discuss Personal Historian and mapping your family history with Family Atlas.

Episode 15 - features Darlene Odenwalder from to discuss this new avenue of research for family historians wishing to collaborate with others.

Episode 16 - features Duff Wilson from to discuss version 2009. including customizing the interface, and new features working with places where your ancestors once lived.

Episode 17 - features Arlene H. Eakle, Ph. D. from the Genealogical Institute,, to discuss early Virginia research including jurisdictional challenges, property records. We also mention evaluating genealogical evidence.

Episode 18 – features John Vilburn from creator of PAF Insight and the new FamilyInsight. We discuss how to interface with in a two-way syncronization.

Episode 19 – features Ken Aubuchon from to discuss the demo of the site and free trial membership.

Episode 20 – features Kimberly Savage, VP of Family History Expos, to discuss the schedule of presenters, lodging, exhibitors and notable speakers for the 2008 Mesa Arizona Family History Expo.

Episode 21 – features Jean Wilcox Hibben, Ph. D. of to discuss how to make the move from paper to electronic recordkeeping and "Genealogy on Wheels" doing family history research in an RV.

Episode 22 – features Tom Underhill of to discuss professional book design, full-color short run publishing, layout & typesetting and 10 things to do with your digital camera.

Episode 23 – features Janene Morgan, from Family History Expos to discuss getting organized from the ground up. (I need this class!)

Episode 24 – features David Graham from to discuss the World Archives Project, Ancestry's new volunteer indexing program.

Episode 25 – features Marlo Schuldt from to discuss scanning, geocaching, GPS and family history.

Episode 26 – features Annaleise Dearinger from to discuss the Pedigree Resource File. The index is online, and the details are currently available at Family History Centers on CD.

Episode 27 – features Jonathan Walker from to discuss tracing Hispanic ancestry.

Episode 28 - features Michael Brubaker, archivist and genealogists at the Atlanta History Center in Georgia. He discusses the prospects of conducting oral history interviews and the use of newspapers in our ancestral quest.

Episode 29 - features Janet Hovorka, MLS from to discuss how charting can further your research and a bit about computer file management.

Episode 30 - features Geoff Rasmussen from, who provides an overview of Legacy software, and how the built-in research guidance can assist with genealogy brick walls.

Episode 31
- features Suzanne Russo Adams from to discuss what's new at

Episode 32 - features Diane Haddad from, a sponsor of the event. We discuss the magazine and it's newly revised website including the annual 101 Best Websites awards.

Episode 33 - features Tim Cross from An insightful interview.

Episode 34 - features Lisa Louise Cooke from who talks about using Google for effective online research.

Episode 35 - features Katie Gale from to bring us up to speed on this massive volunteer effort.

Episode 36 - features Bruce Buzbee from who shares some of the new features of this genealogy management software.

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