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DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour 13 January 2009 genealogy podcast

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Google Your Family Tree Book — Makes a Great Gift!
Daniel M. Lynch, author of Google Your Family Tree: Unlock the Hidden Power of Google published by FamilyLink in Provo, Utah. Just the thing you'll need to get your year started off right. This book is fast becoming a genealogists bible for using Google, includes a review of the top free websites for genealogists. This segment begins 3 minutes 28 seconds into the podcast.

Dan Lynch is a marketing consultant and professional genealogist based in Connecticut. A fourth generation American of Irish and Italian descent, Dan has enjoyed the many challenges of researching his family history since the late 1970s — the era of the American Bicentennial and Alex Haley's ground-breaking novel Roots. His hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut is rich in history and was one of four cities featured in the 2007 Ken Burns documentary, 'The War'.

After fifteen years in the computer industry, Dan focused his skills on the emerging online market for genealogy and in 1998 joined Ancestry, Inc. as vice president of business development helping to launch the Web site — one of the fastest growing community sites at that point in Internet history. During his tenure, the company acquired RootsWeb, the oldest free online community for genealogy research. Following three years at Ancestry, Dan worked for the A&E Television Network during their brief ownership of and the Family Tree Maker software franchise.
In 2002, Dan founded Mattatuck Consulting, a private consulting firm specializing in Internet and search engine marketing solutions. His clients include The Statue of Liberty-Ellis
Island Foundation
(New York), FindMyPast (London),, Inc. and
(Utah), as well as other organizations outside the genealogy sector

Dan is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), a Life Member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists where he also served as board member and vice president, and is a frequent lecturer at local and national genealogy conferences. He has been featured on several television programs, including ABCs Good Morning America, has published and maintains several popular genealogy Web sites, and his articles have been published in leading genealogy publications including Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle, Family Tree Magazine, and the APG Quarterly.

Chapter headings include: Search Engine Basics, Interpreting Web Search Results, Advanced Search
Techniques, Language Tools, Google Books, Google News Archive, Blog Search, Images & Video, Google Alerts, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Notebook, Google Toolbar, Other Tips & Tricks. Appendices include Getting Started in Genealogy, Top Sites for Genealogists, Other Search Engines, Web Search Engines Defined, Syntax Summary and Quick Reference.

Myrt's review copy of Google Your Family Tree: Unlock the Hidden Power of Google included two quick-reference cards: Effective Google Searches and Advanced Google Searches, with tables indicating commands like:

  • allintitle: Find results where all keywords appear in the page title.
  • site: Find results on a specific website matching other search parameters

Stefanie Condie is brand manager for MyCanvas, a role that allows her to help people preserve and share their family stories. She holds masters degrees in business and journalism from Columbia University. Her areas of expertise include web publishing and product/brand management. This
segment begins 24 minutes into the podcast.

MyCanvas is the new name of AncestryPress where you can publish books for family charts. You'll find MyCanvas by going to and clicking Print & Share. During the podcast, Stefanie and Myrt discuss the process of taking your GEDCOM file, uploading it to Ancestry in either:

  • Public mode (with living hidden)
  • Personal mode (name public but info hidden)
  • Private mode (all private)

to bring it into the MyCanvas environment. Included is an overview about creating various publications to print from home or have bound professional in a variety of formats. MyCanvas includes template pages, if more than 5 generations are required.

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Eizabeth Powell Crowe is the author of Genealogy Online 8th edition. Libbi joins Myrt to discuss the rising interest in DNA among genealogists, and the fact that the costs for testing is going down. This
segment begins 46 minutes into the podcast. Here are the links to article Libbi brings to Myrt's attention:

Check out Libbi's blog for more DNA entries:


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Brite Music has great kids' music, songs & activity books. The music is also available in .mp3 format for your iPod. During the podcast you'll hear "I know my
. Ol' Myrt taught her young children to memorize the family telephone number using this song, and now her daughters are teaching Myrt's grandchildren using the same song. It's from the Safety Kids CD.

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