Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Genealogy Jam

A week ago, Ol' Myrt here served as the dinner speaker at the conclusion of the 2009 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, sponsored by the UGA (Utah Genealogical Association.) My topic:

Where do we go from here?

Let them eat JAM.

So I talked about how we don't need to know the precise process Grandma Myrtle went through to make her delicious homemade raspberry jam in order to enjoy eating the jam.

And the same is true for those with whom we share our compiled family histories.

Though we must, as competent genealogists, dot all our "i"s and cross all our "t"s, we must consider our audience when we tell the story of our ancestors.

At the end of the my presentation, I showed them the "genealogy jam" I made my father's 88th birthday. He and Blanche had difficulty remembering much of anything, except the old timey songs, and places they used to visit. In fact when I'd tell Dad that one of my siblings or the grandchildren were coming for a visit, he ask me to sit down with him and remind him who that visitor would be.

He'd say, I want to talk with him/her, and ask questions, so he/she will know that I love him.

So I created this living memories photo quilt, with the groups of siblings and their posterity shown. Dad and my step-mother Blanche are in the green field in the middle of the quilt. I chose the turquoise because it is one of Blanche's favorite colors.

If I'd said much more about it during my speech, I would have totally broken down in tears.

Thanks to Marjorie Soles, of the FGS board for taking my picture with the quilt at the conclusion of my talk.

So what type of "genealogy jam" are YOU making?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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