Thursday, January 29, 2009

More "Genealogy Jam"

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Ol' Myrt received the following responses to her question "...what type of "genealogy jam" are YOU making?"

From: Marcia
I also have been making quilts of the family history. My first was a lap robe for dad's wheel chair with photos of his parents, Mom's parents Mom and Dad and then me and my sister, the grands and the greats. It is still on dad's bed even if he has passed on. Mom loves it dearly. My next quilt was for my oldest daughter's 40 birthday. We made a queen size quilt for their bed with memories of her 1st forty years. I had to repeat this for our other daughter. Now I am working on Senior Year quilts for my grand children. One down, one is progress and 2 to go. These are wall hangings of photos the grands love the most. They can decorate the dorm room or place at end of the bed. People love these and I agree they are fun to make and give .

To: Marcia

WOW!!! Can I share your email and quilt pic with my DearREADERS?

From: Marcia
Sure. I'm working tonight on a High School Senior quilt. Enjoy and I want to show your quilt to my garden club tomorrow too.

To: Marcia
Speaking of your garden club meeting tomorrow -- think about HEIRLOOM PLANTS in the garden, the kind you remember at Gramma's house! Lilac, Peonies, Snap dragons (take off a blossom and "pinch" the jaws to open and close the dragon's mouth!)

THAT is another kind of genealogy jam!

From: Marcia

You think up my alley! I am the Heritage Herb Lady and working on going around to schools and clubs talking about the old kitchen gardens and how the herbs were used in 1800-1850. Like Lambs Ear was the bandaid of 1800. It has astringent properties and the fuzzy leaves soak up the blood. Rosemary sprigs given to someone is so they will always remember you and a little bag of Rosemary under your pillow will help you clear your head so you remember more. In March I have my first Herb Lady make-up party at Stagville.

I so hope we have time to talk at NGS in Raleigh in May about other ways to save and make memory starters.

I used to have an online class of Genealogy Scrapbooking and in the chats I would have a topic like "Doing laundry without electricity". I made a kit and gave them places on the internet to research old laundry ways. The ladies would go with ideas and then could talk to mom or grandma about what it was like. Having more information it made it easier to write the stories and ask detailed questions. The kit was to make it easier for them to record it for their scrapbooks. Most people don't have photos of grandma doing the laundry but the stories are there and the every day things really make the person come to life and become a lighthouse in the history of our lives. I did this weekly for 3 years where half the chat was how to research the topic and the other was about scrapbooking. As I use a Mac I had a lady help with computer details. I have made 6 scrapbooks on the different
branches of the family.

I had the interest in the old stories since childhood but the new ways of saving the photos came from the fire storm where my parents lost everything. The families didn't want to give up their photos so I asked for scans so they could keep the originals and yet they would be shared. The beginning of the scrapbooks. At same time my grandchildren were reading the colorful children's books and I thought this is a way to tell the old stories. In digital scrapbooking you make it once and can print several copies.

I have loved your sharing with all of us out here in cyberspace. I have learned much and your ideas get picked
up and used so often I hope you know you are one of the biggest assets in the genealogy scheme of things.

So, my DearREADERS, I ask again - what sort of "genealogy jam" are you cooking up? Ol' Myrt here would be thrilled to spotlight your projects.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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