Saturday, January 10, 2009

More reports of the TGN/Ancestry tour

From: M. Diane Rogers

Hi, there. Interesting about the TGN/Ancestry tour. I hope you will all post more. Also interesting that they chose genea-bloggers to speak to.

Couldn't agree more with you about the locality part [of searching]. You can guess how much more frustrating it is to those of us in other countries who get high results from Tennessee, USA, etc.

TGN has made some bad PR decisions, I think, as in one of the last moves - providing a new search "experience" with the same old search engine. But, recently the company seemed a bit more approachable - with the TGN blogs (and replies given to the comments) and the webinars.

But it's TGN isn't it? Not TNG as in your post.

Best wishes,
M. Diane Rogers
British Columbia, Canada

Dear Diane,
Guess my true trekie colors are shining through, eh? With strains of "If I only had a brain" playing softly in the background, Ol' Myrt here has since corrected her use of TNG instead of TGN in her initial TGN/Ancestry tour report.

Here are reports from a few other attendees of yesterday’s TGN/Ancestry tour:

Genea-Musing's Randy Seaver has published two commentaries, and promises more on the subject:

Family Tree Magazine's Diane Haddad (who has yet to post her candid shot of the Ancestry Insider!) explains:

The elusive Ancestry Insider certainly spoke up during our meetings at TGN/ yesterday. He said he will chime in soon with his two cents worth, though he did post:

TGN/'s outreach to the genealogy community may indeed be a good sign. They're certainly getting a lot of free press. OK, I'll admit, they tortured me with fresh Copper River salmon last night. That and chocolate are Ol' Myrt's weaknesses.

It's a tough job, but somebody has got to do it.

Just sign me your loyal, intrepid reporter.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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