Saturday, January 03, 2009

Myrt's 12 sentences

Fellow genea-blogger Randy Seavers threw down the gauntlet when he wrote “That's it - another meme complied with...who else is brave enough to do this? The only benefit I see is that your blog gets a bunch of Page Views from all of the hyperlink copy and paste.” [Emphasis added.]

He was referring to his Genea-Musings 2008 year in review in 12 first-of-the-month posts, inspired by John Newmark on the Transylvanian Dutch blog who “found this meme about creating a brief summary of your blog in 2008 - take the first sentence from the first post of each month. You will end up with only twelve sentences. Post those twelve sentences.”

Here are DearMYRTLE’s twelve sentences:

January 2008 – Celebrates Its First Anniversary “One year ago this month, partnered with the National Archives to digitize and make available records accessible for the first time on the internet.”

February 2008 – BEST of the Internet for Genealogists – 2 March 2008 “DearREADERS, It is (almost) Sunday and time for the latest installment of DearMYRTLE’s BEST of the Internet for Genealogists Awards.”

March 2008 - Genealogy Manners “Not meaning to put myself in the position of becoming the "Miss Manners" of genealogy, ol' Myrt wishes to relate her reaction to a terrible breach of propriety among family members.”

April 2008 - Second Life genealogy events “So, you've just about decided to take Ol' Myrt's advice and join Second Life to attend genealogy discussions in real time and mingle with family historians from all over the real world.”

May 2008 - DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour genealogy podcast “It has been a busy month with Ol' Myrt here out of town to attend the NGS Conference in Kansas City, and to do a little cemetery hopping on the way back.”

June 2008 - The BEST of the Internet for Genealogists “It is Sunday and time for the latest installment of DearMYRTLE’s BEST of the Internet for Genealogists Awards.”

July 2008 – Lost luggage video -- right on target “Ol' Myrt sends out a special hug and THANKS to Janeil Lambourne for sending me the link to this hilarious "Lost Luggage" video posted at YouTube.”

August 2008 - Generation Maps: wide carriage plotter printing offer “The following was just posted on the FGS Conference Blog, including information about a new service offered by our friends at”

Sept 2008 – Correcting Mistakes “A compiled genealogy is never done, as additional information will most assuredly come to light.”

Oct 2008 – Moving this weekend “Ol' Myrt here had quite a surprise on Monday when she learned her mortgage loan was approved.”

Nov 2008 - Donald Mosher Memorial Award for Colonial Virginia Research “The Donald Mosher Memorial Award for Colonial Virginia Research is a $500 grant established in 2001 by Merrill Hill Mosher, CG (sm) in honor of her late husband.”

Dec 2008 - WVR: New England content from Genealogical Publishing “The major [new] collection this week includes five databases from Genealogical Publishing Company.”

OOOPS, after compiling this, Ol’ Myrt here discovered she has chosen the LAST posting each month instead of the first. Well, I am not going back and doing this again.

Let’s hope these twelve postings will give my newbie DearREADERS an idea of what DearMYRTLE’s blog is all about. I think these twelve entries point out that I have some opinions, love technology, am willing to spotlight the work of others, and that I monitor what’s new on other websites.

Additionally, one can clearly see that Ol’ Myrt here is not afraid to let my DearREADERS know about personal triumphs over [A] lost luggage while on the Baltic Sea cruise, and [B] mortgage loan processing.

Now that I am through reviewing last year’s entries, I’ll unpack another box or two of my genealogy files and books.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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