Monday, January 26, 2009

READER'S FEEDBACK: GenesReunited maps in city areas

Early this morning, Ol’ Myrt here logged in to SECOND LIFE, just to work through a few instant messages from members of our online genealogy community. I’ve simply GOT to share some insight shared my friend Mathoni who has been using GeneaReunited’s new map feature. Since neither of us had our headsets on, we communicated in instant message format as follows:

[6:27] Mathoni Zuhrah: On GenesReunited they have a kind of Google Earth which
[6:27] Mathoni Zuhrah: takes the 1891 and 1901 census address
[6:27] Clarise Beaumont: Yes, I blogged about it yesterday. See: GenesReunited: unveiling the new maps feature.
[6:27] Mathoni Zuhrah: OK.
[6:27] Clarise Beaumont: Isn't that really kewl?!!!!
[6:28] Clarise Beaumont: So neat that you thought to bring it to my attention...
[6:27] Mathoni Zuhrah: Yes
[6:27] Mathoni Zuhrah: Some problems with it though
[6:28] Clarise Beaumont: Oh really -- what have you noticed?
[6:28] Clarise Beaumont: This sounds like something is worth telling my readers....
[6:28] Mathoni Zuhrah: I tried putting in names I knew where in a city area
[6:28] Mathoni Zuhrah: and it didn’t show them
[6:28] Clarise Beaumont: So in congested areas, it is a problem -- perhaps the street doesn't exist any more?
[6:29] Mathoni Zuhrah: It may be because those areas were bombed perhaps
[6:29] Mathoni Zuhrah: and they are using modern maps
[6:29] Mathoni Zuhrah: Some streets may have disappeared
[6:29] Clarise Beaumont: Oh golly, that is a good point.
[6:30] Mathoni Zuhrah: or there are too many names for the file to hold for an area
[6:30] Clarise Beaumont: Can I quote my SL friend Mathoni in my blog? This is an important observation.
[6:30] Mathoni Zuhrah: Sure
[6:30] Mathoni Zuhrah: For the cause
[6:30] Mathoni Zuhrah: Its only my surmise
[6:30] Clarise Beaumont: Oh, thank-you for adding to the understanding of the option.
[6:30] Clarise Beaumont: This is such a GREAT way to communicate.
[6:30] Clarise Beaumont: I love ya -- thanks for sharing.
[6:31] Mathoni Zuhrah: Welcome
[6:31] Clarise Beaumont: ((((((((((hugs)))))))) to you and your dear wife.
[6:31] Mathoni Zuhrah: TY must get on with recording a song
[6:31] Clarise Beaumont: ok... ttyl
[6:31] Clarise Beaumont: byeeeeee

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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