Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1, 5-10 year possibilities (Part A & B)

My friend Lisa Alzo queried Ol’ Myrt and a number of other genealogy writers for input about trends we see coming down the pike in the world of genealogy. She plans to work the feedback we provided into an article for Family Chronicle magazine. However, her request did not preclude the cross-posting of my thoughts on the subject here in my blog over the next few days. I look forward to reading what my colleagues think the future holds for family historians when Lisa's article goes to press.

In response to What sources (databases, technologies, etc.) or trends you think will be “hot” in the coming year, Ol’ Myrt began by noting:

As Web2 technology emerges for all Internet users, genealogists can look forward to the debut of the comprehensive Family History Catalog, a joint effort between FamilySearch.org and WorldVitalRecords.org rumored to debut in May 2009. This project was first announced in a press conference at the National Genealogical Society’s 2008 Conference in the States in Kansas City, and was spotlighted in DearMYRTLE’s blog 14 May 2008 FHLCatalog - enhancements & partnership. The catalog will list all known locations of genealogy databases, indexes, scanned images, microfilm, books, etc. at places not limited to the Family History Library and FamilySearch.org, by incorporating information from genealogy websites, library catalogs and online books. Users will be able to annotate a catalog entry, pointing followers to the better version of scanned census images, etc.

With the advent of the Family History Catalog, Aaron Underwood will be quite busy redesigning GenSmarts to compare your current genealogy database (and its missing data fields) with what’s listed in the new catalog. The resulting to-do list will provide short-cuts for those of us who are simply overwhelmed when considering where to go and what to do next by pointing to indexes, scanned images, books, microfilm and fiche that might provide additional information about our ancestors.

Happy family tree climbing!
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