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ACROSS MY DESK: 5 Feb 2009

Seems the genea-bloggers are busy as usual, spotlighting things to help us hone our research skills. So in addition to some of my own ramblings, there are several postings Ol’ Myrt simply must point you to with great big THANKS to the authors as indicated: has an amateurish and greedy attitude posted earlier today by Hugh Watkins at GENEALOGE, compares the new “Limited Use License” just updated at (capping usage of its members to 1000 units/credits per month) with the policies at, and Ol’ Myrt couldn’t agree more – if people pay for access, they should have access. There are other ways of protecting content (like embedding watermarks). There are always going to be cheaters, but in the genre of genealogy, most folks are reasonable.

Heritage Books Cataloged on Live Roots posted late last night by Illya at the Live Roots Blog. He says “Wow! I didn't realize how many unique books, maps and cd-roms were produced by Heritage Books. They are all loaded into the Live Roots catalog and geocoded.” Illya is also building an area in Second Life where folks can use Live Roots there as well. See Illya’s comments about Live Roots on Second Life.

Registration is now open for the 2009 FGS Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, including APG's Professional Management Conference to be held Wednesday, September 2, 2009. For program details, go to . To register, go to . Thanks to Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG, Executive Director, Association of Professional Genealogists for her posting to the APG Mailing List.

The National Genealogical Society (NGS) has some upcoming events.

The Federation of Genealogical Societies is also hosting several conferences.

What’s new at APG? Thanks to Bonnie Jean MacDonald for posting to the APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) Mailing List about the brand-spanking new Puget Sound Chapter website The Puget Sound chapter is one of many regional chapters of the Association of Professional Genealogists. If you’d like to join, the umbrella of APG includes some 2,000+ writers, editors, publishers, technology experts, heir researchers, geneticists, conference planners, translators, columnists, lineage specialists, librarians, adoption specialists, booksellers, historians, web programmers, travel specialists, researchers, and instructors.


  • 8 Feb 2009 - 5:15pm Pacific US time – in Second Life at the Family History Centre in VOICE chat mode discussing the 4th migration group from David Hackett Fischer’s Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America (America: a Cultural History)
  • 10 Feb 2009 - 6pm Pacific US time – in Second Life at Just Genealogy’s fire pit, discussing in VOICE chat mode the next section of Elizabeth’s Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace
  • 11-16 February 2009 - A trip to Washington DC to visit the National Archives is in the offing. I expect to nail down a possible Union Civil War pensioner on my father’s side of the family tree.
  • 13 February 2009 – touring Heritage Books’ warehouse in Westminster, Maryland.
  • 14 February 2009 – having dinner with a dear friend.
  • 15 February 2009 – in Second Life at the Family History Centre in VOICE chat mode discussing marriage records.
  • 17 February 2009 – 6pm DearMYRTLE’s Salt Lake Study Group meeting at Cathy’s house.
  • 22 February 2009 - in Second Life at the Family History Centre in VOICE chat mode discussing British orphan emigration schemes.
  • 24 Feb 2009 - 6pm Pacific US time – in Second Life at Just Genealogy’s fire pit, discussing in VOICE chat mode American migration patterns.
  • 27-28 February 2009 - Let’s get together at the 5th annual Family History Expo to be held at the Dixie Center; 1835 Convention Center Drive, St. George, Utah 84790. Find out more at Come prepared with questions and Ol’ Myrt will see what she can can do to answer them. I’ll also have a few more of those family tree quilted wall hanging kits. I also want to hear about your “Finally Get Organized" Ideas!

Ol’ Myrt needs to stop writing here so I can finish the show notes page for the podcast to be released tomorrow. (Yup! I finally got my replacement mixing board and digital voice recorder!) You’ll find this next episode of DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour includes an interview with Peter Goodwin of with more information those Gretna Green records soon to be released for indexing at the World Archives Project. See: Genealogical nightmare and my follow-up blog entry A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Happy family tree climbing!
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