Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Church History Library closed 10 April-19 June 2009

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Thanks to a posting at, Ol' Myrt here learned about the exact dates of the move. Paul Nauta at blackberried me to confirm the veracity of this posting. Though today there is no link to such an announcement at FamilySearch or the website, Paul verifies that this information came from an Church History Library employee, and Paul further explains the official announcement will be distributed tomorrow via email from his desk. Dick Eastman, who lives back east in Massachusetts, apparently has better connections than I do here in Salt Lake City. Thank heavens! :)

The Church History Library will be relocating from the East Wing of the Church Office Building to the new building on North Temple Street in the next few months. To facilitate this move, the Church History Library will be closed from April 10th through June 19th. During this time frame, all research facilities will be closed.To prepare for the move and to ensure that we have completed the service requests in our queue prior to the physical move, we have instigated the following service deadlines:
  • Duplication requests will be accepted through 27 February 2009.
  • Emailed requests will be accepted through 20 March 2009.
  • Walk-in and call-in requests will be accepted through noon on April 10th
We appreciate your patience during this time of moving. Should you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff at 801-240-2272.

We look forward to serving you again when our new facility opens Monday, June 22nd.

ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM DearMYRTLE: Remember, the Church History Library is NOT the Family History Library. Both are in Salt Lake City, but the former is for the LDS historical records collection currently housed in the (LDS) Church Office Building on North Temple. Most of our genealogy friends come to Salt Lake City intending research at the Family History Library located on West Temple, just across the street from the world-famous LDS Tabernacle.