Sunday, February 01, 2009

FINALLY GET ORGANIZED: Feb 2009 checklist

Well, thanks to all your emails since the release of last month's checklist. Ol' Myrt here realizes she is not alone in her quest to FINALLY GET ORGANIZED. We could probably hold local chapter meetings of Organization Anonymous from what I hear.

The February 2009 Organization Checklist is now available for free download at:

Yup, the file is in .pdf format, so it will print out the same on everyone’s system. However, I recommend viewing it when online, so that the clickable links will take you directly to the website in question. In some cases, you will right click on the hyperlink, and select to open the page in your web browser.

February's checklist has 12 pages -- a little shorter, due to the short month. Everything is designed to help you work efficiently and accomplish your February tasks.

Here are a couple of excerpts:
  • RSS means "really simple syndication" and it is useful because you don’t have to depend on an email service or waste time going to individual websites to see if a new article has been posted. [...] Ol’ Myrt here recommends using Google Reader to subscribe to your genealogy blogs of choice. The only exception is the "plus edition" of Dick Eastman’s newsletter, available by paid subscription through his website.
  • This is the week we begin to tackle those old family photos. If they are in a photo album, do not remove them, because sometimes conclusions can be drawn about the people in the photo based on how they are placed in the photo album.
And so, DearREADERS, enjoy. Remember, Ol' Myrt here is following along with the same checklist. I've moved into my new place, and as mentioned earlier, I am combining three households of compiled genealogy materials into my new library. What a job!

I’d sure like to hear how the checklist is working for you, so drop me an email as soon as you can.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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