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Making more than one copy

RE: Reader’s Feedback: Feb Organization Checklist


It is true about making more than one copy not just to keep organized but also because you may run across one relative that married another relative that you already have information on and so you have to make two copies, one for each spouse.

I have found in organizing my census information that the same is true for that, but here's a good tip, at least for me. When printing out census information, print out the information page first, the one that shows the ENTIRE family, where they lived, the roll, image and page number (or numbers) etc. and then print out the census page, but here's what I do with that. I print out the zoomed in view of the particular family and I know it doesn't show the entire line of information BUT not zooming in another researcher with bad eyesight wouldn't be able to see it so you can always add the other info to the top page. Also, when one child from a family marries, remember to include when they lived with their parents as part of their census info and when printing the info page, put THEIR name at the top so you don't have five copies of that page with the Head of Household at the top and you have to look at the other page to remember which person it is for.

One other thing Myrtle, I LOVE your FeedBlitz and enjoy reading it each time it comes in my Inbox.

Jackie, Chicago, IL never ending mystery waiting to be solved!

Ol' Myrt here does the full page and the zoom of census pages, then attaches a handwritten transcription using one of those handy census extraction forms found online. I have a few of the forms printed out in advance. I like the idea of making copies for the kids who marry. I also type the transcription for the entire household, then copy and paste into notes for each person in the household in my genealogy database program.

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