Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EOGN: adds marketplace for researchers

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Our friend Dick Eastman has added a new feature called "Marketplace" to his message board area to be used to advertise genealogy and history research services. Here is Dick's announcement posted yesterday.

I would like to announce a new section of the EOGN Discussion Forum: Research Services. Posts in this section of the message board should only be for the advertising of genealogy and history research services. If you are a professional researcher, you can have FREE ad space in this section. We invite you to post a message with your name, area(s) of expertise, and contact info. We suggest that you not announce your prices for research as that is probably better handled offline in e-mail, mail, or by telephone.

We do invite both individuals and research firms to post announcements here. (We have a separate section for other vendors.)

To post your availability ad, or to look for professional researchers already listed, go to http://www.eogn.com/forum and click on “Researchers Available.”

I will also remind everyone that you can obtain free advertising on the EOGN Discussion Forum's Marketplace for all sorts of genealogy and history-related items and services. Your advertisement will be seen by hundreds of readers.

The ads are divided into three sections. The first is for private individuals who wish to buy or sell individual items, such as a single book or CD-ROM disk or other genealogy-related items. The second section is for vendors who wish to advertise their genealogy-related items or history-related items products or services.

The third section is brand-new and is called “Researchers Available.” If you are a professional genealogy researcher who would like to advertise your availability and your areas of expertise, I suggest you post your notice here.

Information posted to the advertising section of the message board should only be for the sale of genealogy-related or history-related goods and services. Such items include, but are not restricted to, books, CD-ROM disks, research services, journals, memorabilia, and more. You cannot post for sale messages for "off topic" items.

Each vendor is invited to post ONE message per month. Please feel free to post another ad after the passage of 30 days. Off-topic messages, spam mail, ads for pornographic sites, etc. will be deleted immediately by the Discussion Forum managers. Please make sure your advertisements are mildly worded, not written like the script for a breathless ad for a used car dealer as seen on late night television.

Again, the ads are available free of charge. You will need to create a free membership in the Discussion Forum. However, all registration information is kept confidential. You do not receive any "spam mail" as a result of registering.

To read the ads or to create a free membership and post an ad of your own, go to: http://www.eogn.com/forum and look at MARKETPLACE.