Sunday, February 08, 2009

READER’S FEEDBACK: Feb Organization Checklist

A recipe for disaster?
See: FINALLY GET ORGANIZED: Feb 2009 checklist

From: Carolyn Earle Billingsley (via Facebook)

Great blog entry! I use a slightly different system, but close, for organizing. If only everything were filed! I need a secretary to do nothing but file five days a week. I have one whole room of my house dedicated to file cabinets and still can't get it all organized. One thing you said was particularly vital IMHO -- for heaven’s sake, make copies of anything and everything that has pertinence to other files; no use having one copy that you have to search for in the Keesee file but it's filed in the Earle file because it pertains to that surname also. Each and every file should be complete into itself. That's the only way I can keep myself straight, and also probably why I'm so far behind on filing .

DearCAROLYN, (via Facebook)
Thanks for your response. Perhaps I can include this in an upcoming blog? (Asking permission here!)

This [making copies and placing in multiple files/notebooks] is an upsetting concept for some folks to grab -- thinking that it just wastes paper and space. But, it is humanly impossible to remember all the parts of a puzzle, with merely a source citation on a family group sheet. One must be able to review the documents in question. Having things close at hand expedites the onset of our analysis, and frees us to think creatively (yet soundly). There is no point in getting bogged down retrieving documents from all corners of our homes and offices when the focus of our energy should be on document analysis.

Remember how we look back at some of the first few documents we collected, and now see additional information overlooked in our first review? This is another vote for relevant data to be placed in all surname notebooks that apply. If we cannot keep up with the locating of source documents within our own file systems, how can we possibly expect those that follow to make any sense of our compiled genealogy?

As to the hiring of a secretary, do you think we could keep one busy full time between the two of us perhaps? LOL.

From: Carolyn Earle Billingsley (via Facebook)
Sure, you can use [my responses]. My opinion is that each and every folder/notebook needs to be complete unto itself. Referring to some other folder/notebook for some key document is a recipe for disaster and confusion.

If I HAD a filing secretary, I wouldn't share her (him? hmmmm...) with anybody. I could keep her/him busy full time.

DearCAROLYN, (via Facebook)
So, it looks like we’re both still drowning in paperwork. Some “paperless society” we’ve become with the advent of personal computers, eh? Thanks for your input and encouragement, dear. I think my DearREADERS will enjoy the insight to your personal organization challenge as has Ol’ Myrt here. Finally getting organized is a monumental task even if considered only to benefit our individual research experience. Forget about those that follow. I humbly hope Ol’ Myrt’s monthly organization checklists will help us make real progress this year.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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