Wednesday, February 11, 2009


OK, I’ll admit it. I am giving in to peer pressure.
It seems everyone in the genea-blogging world is all a-twitter about When Ancestry Insider made his posting about Twitter today, Ol’ Myrt here caved. I am not sure I need another method of social networking since I’m really into Facebook, but I am willing to give it a whirl.

You’d expect folks like Dick Eastman, Illya Daddezio, Randy Seaver and Mark Tucker to Twitter, since a cursory review of the service indicates this is another form of technology for genealogists to play around with. Even RootsMagic is twittering, though there is only one posting showing up so far.

Using Twitter this morning, I have learned about new options at Family Pursuit to upload photos and documents. It’s always good to learn new things, but I could have learned this at Renee’s Genealogy Blog, if I weren’t so behind in reading blogs. [sigh]

Friends like Maven, Megan, Lisa, Schelly and Diane are all twittering, too.

A few such as “Julie Cahill” and “FamilyCurator” have protected their Twitter posts, and require their acceptance of my request to follow their work.

Super achiever genea-friends like Denise at “MoultrieCreek” have 442 posts. Amazing!

Others like Geni are offering mini tech support.

Even venerable institutions such as the Library of Congress are using Twitter to get their message out to the world.

Makes me wonder what I’ve been doing all this time. Guess I’ve been hiding out in Second Life a lot lately.

Before too long, the items below Ol’ Myrt’s signature will be more lengthy than her blog posts.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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