Thursday, March 12, 2009

1, 5-10 year possibilities (Part R) FGS focuses on RPAC

My friend Lisa Alzo queried Ol’ Myrt and a number of other genealogy writers for input about trends we see coming down the pike in the world of genealogy. She plans to work the feedback we provided into an article for Family Chronicle magazine. However, her request did not preclude the cross posting of my thoughts on the subject here in my blog over the next few days. I look forward to reading what my colleagues think the future holds for family historians when Lisa’s article goes to press.

In response to What do you foresee happening in the field in the next 5 to 10 years?, Ol’ Myrt's final reply may raise a ruckus.

If the Federation of Genealogical Society thinks through its unique perspective; it will focus energy on RPAC (Records Preservation and Access Committee) to promote open records and likewise promote the involvement of local and regional genealogical and historical societies. With currently over 500 local member societies, FGS is uniquely qualified to hear at the grassroots level what’s happening with the old records not yet preserved via microfilm or digitization.

In Ol’ Myrt’s, view saving millions of pages of historic documents for future generations is vastly more important than providing a conference that benefits only about 1,200 people annually.

NOTE: Conferences are great, but are NGS and FGS duplicating efforts? Imagine if those same FGS conference volunteer hours were spent on records preservation projects. WOW!

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