Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Americans need access to our heritage

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Thanks to Joy Rich for bringing Ol' Myrt here up to speed on this issue before the US Congress concerning funding for preservation of historic documents.

From: "Robert de Berardinis" r-e-deb@sbcglobal.net
Subject: [APG] PAHR Legislation
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 13:42:56 -0500
Dear All,
Texas State Archivist Chris La Plante, Secretary of the Society of State Archivists, asks that this be forwarded to as many genelogical list servs as possible and to contact your representatives. Thanks, Robert de Berardinis

Now's the time to step up for PAHR. Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D, NY) and Congressman John McHugh (R, NY) have just sent a "dear colleague" letter to the members of the House of Representatives inviting them to sign on as original sponsors for the "Preserving the American Historical Records" bill.

What can I do? Before March 20th, fax, email, or call your Representative and urge him/her to respond to the Hinchey-McHugh Dear Colleague Letter by signing on as an original sponsor for the PAHR bill.

Ask them to contact Mike Iger in Congressman Hinchey's office (202-225-6335) or Jason Miller in Congressman McHugh's office (202-225-4611).

Tell them in a few sentences why PAHR will benefit their constituents-that means you, your organization, and your researchers. Send them the attached explanation of PAHR, and explain why PAHR will benefit your state and your institution. It is essential to have a strong set of co-sponsors for this bill for it to succeed. The level of support we get right now will tell Congress whether the bill is viable, or just one of those bills introduced to please a constituent but not taken seriously. And if you can do a little more.

Encourage others to contact your Representative as well. Genealogists, local government officials, researchers of all kinds, teachers, veterans, and even your favorite aunt can make the case. If you need help or more information:

* visit http://www.archivists.org/pahr/ - you'll find the PAHRfact sheet, a copy of the bill, draft letters and resolutions and other materials to help you understand and encourage your Representative to support PAHR. *

Contact us at pahr@statearchivists.org for any other help or information you need

Please take a few minutes in the coming week to make a call, pay a visit, or send a fax/email/letter to your Members of Congress. It's time to tell Congress that what we do matters a great deal to this country and its inhabitants.

Americans need and deserve the resources to ensure access to our heritage.

We can do this-with your help!

Contact us at:
PAHR Joint Task Force pahr@statearchivists.org

Council of State Archivists: Kathleen Roe, David Carmicheal, Karl Niederer, Vicki Walch

Society of American Archivists: Steven Hensen, Sue Hodson, Ben Primer, Nancy Beaumont

National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators: Tracey Berezansky, Jelain Chubb