Monday, March 09, 2009

Since September 2008, I have been remiss by not telling my DearREADERS about a great resource for creative family tree templates. With family get-togethers over Easter, upcoming weddings and the family reunion next summer, this is just the sort of thing Ol' Myrt here needs to tell our family story in a format the non-genealogists in the family will appreciate.

Recently that site added seven more designs. From recent communications with the owner, we learn: features printable family trees and has recently added seven more printable family trees and genealogy charts. Now, there are more than 25 family trees and charts at, all free to download and print in PDF format, or users can pay $4 to instantly download a version in .DOC format that is fully editable in Microsoft Word and similar programs.

There are simple trees, family trees for kids, and genealogy charts in variations all the way up to seven generations. Some are in full color while others are graphics-free. The new additions are a direct result of site visitor requests and fill the needs of non-traditional families, such as step families, adoptive families and families in which there are many siblings. There's also a new family group sheet.

If you have any questions, contact Kevin Savetz, CEO Savetz Publishing, Inc. email:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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