Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Publishing family bible records

From: jddaz@comcast.net
I recently obtained the original Family Bible records from the mid-1800s. I want to scan them in *.pdf format and publish them on the internet. Do you know if
www.USGenWeb.com publishes Family Bible records? I couldn't find a link on that site for publishing this kind of record. Do you know of a site I could publish them on?


Indeed, you should scan those precious pages in the family bible - to share them with others while preserving the delecate originals. Be sure to also include the title page, and the copyright page, if available. It would also be good if you transcribed the cryptic handwriting, so that the information would be searchable once online.

Be sure to see the official USGenWeb Archives Project, right on the main page of www.USGenWeb.com. The advantage of having the pages there is that the web space if free, and they can be searched for ALL US not just the state where you plan to share them. The contact emails are available at this site. Start discussions before you scan, as there will most likely be suggestions from the coordinators that will save you time and effort.

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