Monday, March 23, 2009

Trouble brewing re: MyHeritage Family Tree? NOT!

From time to time websites overstep their bounds, and Ol’ Myrt wondered if problems were cropping up again, because of a genea-blog posting titled MyHeritage Family Tree [Builder] hijacks Google homepage by James Tanner. It seems he was frustrated when installing the simplistic MyHeritage Family Tree program on his personal computer, because the program automatically changed his home page from his preferred iGoogle to

Ol' Myrt here downloaded the 20.1MB free Family Tree Builder file from to see if the problem James describes could be replicated.

The problem isn’t a problem
Frequently the installation of a program (genealogy or otherwise) offers the user the OPTION to make changes in one’s home page. The phrase used by James “the program is close to being a virus” is unnecessarily inflammatory. Ol' Myrt's review of the installation process shows James clearly accepted the default installation, making MyHeritage his default home page as shown in this installation screen shot above.

So, DearJAMES. Let's next tackle your complaint that during the uninstall, the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder takes you out to it’s website to ask why you wish to uninstall. I think that is reasonable to request feedback about dissatisfaction with software. If you as an individual don't like it, you can opt out, and close the web questionnaire. It doesn't affect the uninstall in the case of MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. Nor has it for any other program I've chosen to uninstall over the years.

As to James' other complaints, how about considering that a freebie program is a freebie program. The beauty of the free market system is that if one program doesn’t have the desired bells and whistles, merely try another one.
PS - NO, I do not work for MyHeritage. Just wanted to clear up a little confusion. Perhaps an apology to MyHeritage is in order, DearJAMES?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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