Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UPDATE available: RootsMagic 4 public beta

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following announcement arrived late last evening from our friends at RootsMagic. Please address all inquiries to support@RootsMagic.com.

We have just released an updated version of the RootsMagic 4 public beta. This new version fixes a number of bugs, including an issue where incremental search sometimes doesn't work right. This particular bug requires us to rebuild the database indexes when you open an older file, so please be patient when that happens (especially on really large databases where it can take awhile). Rebuilding the indexes is a one time occurrence and will only be done the first time you open the older file.

This new version also includes a new "RootsMagic News" feature which will display on startup and show any "news" or information about whether there is an update available for download. This way we don't have to send an email every time there is a new update posted... you will be alerted as soon as an update is available.

If you decide to turn off the RootsMagic News screen, you can always turn it back on later on the Tools > Program options screen. You can also just access the News screen directly from the "Internet > RootsMagic News" menu.

You can download and install the update from: