Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WWI: Red Cross archive in Geneva

Haven’t even unpacked yet, but already I’ve signed online in Second Life to see what's new. A few minutes after arrival, I was deep in discussions with other genealogy hosts who’ve added new displays and are calendaring additional voice chat events.

Then I received an in-world (within Second Life) IM (instant message) from a gentleman who lives in the greater London, England area with a link to this phenomenal news in digital video format from the BBC:

13 Mar 09
"A British historian has stumbled across records from World War I that have been virtually untouched for 90 years. The records contain the personal details of soldiers who died in the war and may reveal the final resting places of many of them. Peter Barton showed Robert Hall some of his findings at the Red Cross archive in Geneva.” See: In the Red Cross war dead archive

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