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Monday, April 27, 2009

Adopted or biological lines?

I have been perplexed for some time with this issue and don't know where to turn. When doing my genealogy, my father was adopted and my problem is this, do I do use the biological lineage or the adoptive lineage for him? Most programs that I have found do not allow for both. Is there a solution for this?


The main stream genealogy programs allow you to add multiple sets of parents to an individual, so that you may document your work on both the adopted and biological lines. For directions, click HELP on the menu bar.

Since I don’t know if you have a PC or a Mac, may I suggest looking for genealogy management programs listed at

It has been a few years since OlMyrt spoke up at The Villages in Florida. You have a wonderful local genealogy society that I recommend joining. There you discover what other folks are using to track their ancestors' information. Sometimes it is a good idea to obtain the program that most people in your area are using. That way, as you start out, you’ll have a large pool of experienced users to meet and ask questions of when you get in a pinch.

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