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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ancestral hedgerows & group support

Last night Ol’ Myrt here went to bed with her head reeling over all the stuff about yesterday. I appreciate that the comments from “MSF” also included his positive reaction to the use of the website.

As to the creation of genealogy mailing lists and message boards, Ol’ Myrt here agrees with fellow genea-blogger Hugh Watkins of Genealoge who recently offered two suggestions for my review. He wrote: “My own experience of Yahoo and (private) Google genealogy groups is that they live or die according the amount of look-ups done.

Both are very successful with a back office full of transcriptions and spin off websites and are worthy of your attention. Both groups have very knowledgeable local genealogists at their centre."

So, I checked out the FROME group and discovered they are indeed very active, with 7 new members and 43 new posts in the last seven days. From the site we read: “This group is for sharing information relating to family and social history in the Hundred of Frome, Somerset, namely the parishes of Beckington, Berkley, Cloford, Elm, Frome Selwood, Laverton, Lullington, Marston Bigot, Nunney, Orchardleigh, Road/Rode, Rodden, Standerwick, Wanstrow, Whatley and Woolverton. It also includes the adjacent Liberties of East Cranmore, Leigh upon Mendip, Mells and Witham Friary and the Peculiar of Buckland Dinham.” Though one’s membership in this group must be approved by the owner, there is a complementary website at .

Next, I visited the MONFH group, which is an abbreviation for the Monmouthsire county in England, and learned that “this group is for the discussion and research of Family History in the County of Monmouthshire where you can Post enquiries, upload and download Pics & files. There are Family History Website Links in Bookmarks, Place your F.H surnames in the Database section. We have a vast amount of Census indexes, Parish record transcripts, Monumental Inscriptions, Wills and many other records to help you. My name is Mike John, I am the group moderator, I live in Monmouthshire and have 15 years solid experience of researching and collecting information about hundreds of Monmouthshire families.” This group also requires approval of the moderator before one may join and view all content.

Members of these Yahoo genealogy groups benefit from a full-featured web presence including:

  • Messages (to be distributed as the occur, daily, or not per each member’s preference)
  • Archive of messages
  • File library
  • Photos
  • Links
  • Database capability
  • Polls
  • List of members
  • Calendar

Now THAT'S the spirit! Join with like-minded researchers, and help each other hurdle over those ancestral hedgerows. Find them using Google, Cyndi's List or at the site created by John Fuller's recently revised Genealogy Resouces on the Internet, where he now focuses on mailing lists.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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