Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ancestry Insider: Google Alerts & Top 25 Genea-Blogs

If you are getting squirrely results from your Google Alerts of late, be sure to read today’s Ancestry Insider post. THANKS, Insider, for reminding Ol’ Myrt to use those "quote marks" to narrow down the results to just "FamilySearch" for instance. And congrats to you for being one of ProGenealogists' 2009 Top 25 Genealogy Bloggers, also mentioned in this same blog entry.

Ol’ Myrt wishes to opine on the topic of the ProGenealogists 2009 Top Genealogy Blogs listing.

Last year, when came out with their 2008 top genealogy websites award, genealogy websites and blogs were thrown together in one category. It was at Ol’ Myrt’s urging that Kory Meyerink began to realize blogs simply cannot be compared to websites, since few people read a blog by going to the blog’s website. In fact he asked me to draw up an email explaining the phenomenon. He's a busy man, and that is probably why Ol' Myrt here hasn't heard anything more from him on the topic until this year's awards were announced last week.

That’s the beauty of blogs – the RSS feed can be pulled into our email, Bloglines, iGoogle, Yahoo and other pages that periodically ping and pull the blog entries into a neat lineup in one place for us to review. As a result, blog tracking is challenging at best, with so many methods for receiving an RSS feed.

The 2009 ProGenealogists awards feature two divisions, namely web sites and blogs.

However, I noticed the 2009 Progenealogists top 25 Blog List has a number of typos and errors. Though I’ve written directly to, thus far, only Diane’s name has been corrected:
  • Diane Haddad was listed as Diane Hadd.
  • footnoteMaven isn’t really written anonymously. She has made her identity known.
  • Pat Richley was listed as Richely.
  • The Genealogy Guys isn’t a blog, it’s a podcast. If podcasts are to be considered, then Lisa Louise Cooke should be on the list. Both podcasts post more frequently than DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour.

While I think that ProGenealogists attempted to use available stats from Technorati, the fact that they had to insert Dick Eastman, who isn’t listed on Technorati, implies the list is really ProGenealogists’ opinion about the top 25 genea-bloggers, which is fine. One of the good things about giving out awards, is that ProGenealogists has their award graphic and hyperlink to the award announcement posted on some great genealogy websites & blogs. Great for cross-promotion.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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