Saturday, April 11, 2009

Digitizing FHL Microfilms

I was disappointed to learn that being able to have FHL microfilms digitized and available on the Internet is not going to happen as soon as thought. I would like to find someone in Salt Lake City who could convert specific microfilms to digital media for me at a reasonable price. It doesn't require a professional genealogist. Any suggestions? It might make a good job for someone who is unemployed who has basic skills.

The request you make about digitizing film from the Family History Library probably won't work because:
  • The FHL is a reference library, and materials may not be checked out.
  • Microfilm and fiche in the collection were acquired by contract with the respective archives, libraries, government offices and churches. Said contracts govern the use of the material.

It is possible to hire someone to make scanned images of specific pages from microfilm, fiche and books per your request. Use the Requests for Photocopies - Census, Books, Microfilm, or Microfiche form.

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  1. FYI: FHL SLC holds a paper pedigree that I want.It has never been digitized and does not circulate. I talked to them and they said they do not have the ability to scan or copy it in any way because it is oversized. But they did say someone could spread it on a table and use a digital camera to try and photograph it in several sections.
    I'm not sure where you would find such a person.