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Family Registry - Old Microfiche

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In inventorying our [Family History Center] microfiche, which hasn't been done in years, I found a microfiche set provided by the Church called Family Registry. I am guessing this was a program like Ancestral File or something of that sort that is now obsolete. Is this something there is any value in keeping?

The “Family Registry wasn’t pedigree and family group based, like Ancestral File.

One looks things up in the Family Registry by surname on the microfiche available at local Family History Centers.

The Family Registry is a listing of people who submitted their contact information indicating interest in sharing research with others working on a specific surname or end-of-line ancestor. To my knowledge the fiche hasn’t been updated for at least 20 years.

With today’s mobile society, its possible that in 2009, contact information submitted in the late 1980s may be out-of-date. But then I am one who hates to throw things out. It would seem that with internet access to genealogy mailing lists and message boards, online phone books and DNA surname groups, that there are more modern ways of getting in contact with like-minded family history researchers.

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