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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Google & FL: Tourist registration list circa 1939

From: Binbag Slocum (in Second Life)
I finally had the chance to listen to your January podcast about Daniel Lynch's Google Your Family Tree yesterday, and it reminded me to go back and check my specialized search page I made for the Meglone surname. (That's how I found the item in the patent records on my Whitney Meglone previously reported in your blog).

After going through a number of pages of search results and eliminating the irrelevant ones, I came across a Google Newspaper search with a hit for the surname Meglone. It was for a St. Petersburg, FL, newspaper from 1939. Not something I would EVER go looking into on my own.

I looked through what was on the page, and it was a Chamber of Commerce "Tourist Registrations" list. Everyone on the list (separated by the state they were from) had registered the day before the publication of the newspaper.

So, of course, I scrolled over to see if there were Kentucky listings, which there were.

At the end of the list appeared three names:
  • Miss Mattie Hutchison
  • John J. Hutchison
  • Mrs. F.G. Meglone, all of Lexington, Kentucky.

The Hutchisons were the neice and nephew (both unmarried) of my Whitney Meglone (of the patent record) and Mrs. F.G. Meglone was Frank George (her real name!) McCoy Meglone, who was married to Sam Meglone who owned a clothing shop in the Phoenix Hotel, which I have a picture of from a book Historic Photos of Lexington. Sam lost his business for some reason or another (there had been a fire about 1903) and then he died, still fairly young, by I believe 1907.

This Sam Meglone and his brother Louis who lived in Paris, KY are the Meglones who I have been researching to try to prove their connection to my Meglone family line.

Now, thanks to Google once again, I have the VERY FIRST CONNECTION between these two families! I am so excited!

I have never heard of tourist registrations through the Chamber of Commerce. Does this give me a new batch of records to see if they are still in existence?

I have heard of newspapers publishing hotel registrations before, but not having this sort of thing through the Chamber of Commerce.

Have you seen anything like this before?

Now I just have to figure out how I can get this to print so I can have a paper copy of it (it would not let me print it- it just gave a blank window). I don't think Genealogybank has this newspaper record. Here is the link to the newspaper page at Google:Google is great!

We've discussed using newspapers for family history research, but I've never heard of a listing of a tourist registration through a local chamber of commerce in a newspaper column. I certainly trust you to come up with new ways to use the wonderful resources at

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.


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