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Pharos: new tutors & class schedule

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Pharos students clamour for more courses

Four new teachers join to help meet the demand

There is no sign of the credit crunch at specialist online tutors, Pharos. Demand from students who have enjoyed Pharos online genealogy courses and want more, mean that four new teachers have been recruited to bring new subjects to Pharos:

Chris Paton of Scotland’s Greatest Story, former BBC producer, turned professional genealogist will be taking over existing course Scottish Research Online, and developing some further Scottish courses.

Ruth Davies, a qualified archivist from Flintshire, North Wales, brings her knowledge of palaeography to the online world in a short course on Old Handwriting for Family Historians.

Kirsty Gray, genealogy addict since the age of seven, and secondary school teacher brings her love and knowledge of Devon to Discover Your Devon Ancestors.

Barbara Baker, staff member at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and long-time genealogy teacher in the US, will be teaching about Organization for Genealogists.

All four offer a wealth of teaching and research experience.

Pharos Teaching & Tutoring started only 3 years ago with just five courses and three teachers and is pleased to announce that six brand new courses are being scheduled for the rest of 2009 and even more are in the process of development. There is now truly something for everyone, with an expanded list of subjects and time periods. All Pharos courses are short, reasonably priced and designed to fit in with busy lifestyles. Full information is on the Pharos website

Updated Course list May to October 2009
  • 21 May – Ireland: A Practical Approach to Family History – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 28 May – I’m Stuck, How Can the Society of Genealogists Help Me? [NEW] – 2 weeks £23.99
  • 2 June – The National Archives Catalogue – Finding People – 3 weeks £29.99
  • 10 June – The Poor, the Parish and The Workhouse: Records in the 18th and 19th centuries – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 23 June – Victorian Families: Your Ancestors in the Census – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 2 July – I’m Stuck, How Can the Society of Genealogists Help Me? [NEW, repeated] – 2 weeks £23.99
  • 6 July– Discover Your Devon Ancestors [NEW] – 4 weeks £37.99
  • 9 July – Scotland 1750 – 1850: Beyond the OPRs – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 13 July – The Parish Chest. More to life than baptism, marriage and death [NEW] – 4 weeks £37.99
  • 27 July – Old Handwriting for Family Historians [NEW] – 3 weeks £29.99
  • 24 August – Scottish Research Online – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 3 September– Your Family in England 1714 – 1830 [NEW] – 3 weeks £29.99
  • 8 September – Become a Better Genealogist: Research in England & Wales – 6 weeks £49.99
  • 17 September – Introduction to One-Name Studies – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 2 October – Writing Your Family History – 3 weeks £29.99
  • 6 October – Military Men and Women: Records of Britain’s Armed Forces – 5 weeks £42.99
  • 7 October – Victorian Crime and Punishment: Links from Court Records – 6 weeks £49.99
  • 13 October – Researching Irish Ancestors before 1820 – 6 weeks £49.99
  • 24 October – Organizing Your Genealogy [NEW] – 3 weeks £29.99

More new courses are in development and will be announced later in the year in time for our 2010 schedule.

Pharos was the first British company to provide online classes aimed specifically at helping researchers with British and Irish ancestry. Students can register and pay on the website at . Arrangements for courses are simple and flexible making it easy to get started, study in your own time without having to travel, get help from experienced teachers, and chat about family history with other students. Courses are aimed at beginners and experienced researchers alike.

Course Director, Sherry Irvine believes that everyone will find new research ideas as well as renewed confidence and enthusiasm for their family history in every Pharos course.

For more information on courses at Pharos, email -

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