Monday, May 18, 2009

Civil War Pension files digitization report

RE: Civil War Pension Files index
I work as a volunteer at the National Archives in Washington DC. Currently, there is a huge digitation process underway, as a joint venture with the National Archives, FamilySearch and to digitize the Civil War pension records. There are currently 4 couples from FamilySearch who are dedicated solely to this project. There are almost 10 million records to be digitized. As records become digitized and then indexed, they will be made available on I don't know what a projected date to start getting them online would be, but perhaps your contacts at Footnote may know.Thank you for providing a valuable service with your blog.

Thanks for the first-hand eye witness report on the number of workers at the National Archives. Ol' Myrt here understands Footnote is also digitizing other records and I've been assured by Paul Nauta at FamilySearch that while the images may reside elsewhere, the indexes will always remain free and available at

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