Friday, May 15, 2009

FHConsultants: new personal assistance option

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Each ward in the LDS Church has the opporunity to have a Family History Consultant to advise ward members about how to proceed with family history research. Apparently more assistance is now available to those consultants as indicated by this announcement. My temple district is not yet provided access to "New FamilySearch". Please address all inquiries to

New Personal Assistance Option in the New FamilySearch Help Center

To encourage closer interaction between Church members and their family history consultants, a new personal assistance option will soon be added to the Feedback page in the Help Center in the new FamilySearch.

When this new option is available, those who select it will see contact information (typically phone number and e-mail address) for:" Family history consultant(s) in their ward or branch" Local family history center(s)" FamilySearch SupportConsultants' contact information will only be displayed to members of their own ward or branch. The displayed contact information comes from the consultant registration information you provided on the Web site at This new personal assistance option will be available to members in all areas of the world that use the new FamilySearch Web site.

You may experience an increase in your opportunities to help members of your ward or branch with their family history. To enhance the support you can provide to members, you are encouraged to enroll in and complete the new FamilySearch Web site training course and other consultant courses available through the Help Center.

If you are no longer serving as a family history consultant or do not want your contact information displayed in the Help Center to your local ward or branch members, contact FamilySearch Support.

Note: Consultants who live in European countries must contact FamilySearch Support to request that their contact information be displayed in the Help Center. If they do not do this, their contact information will not be displayed.

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