Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kith and Kin Pro 3

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10 May 2009
SpanSoft are delighted to announce the release of "Kith and Kin Pro 3", the original Windows genealogy software.

We have improved the program's unique best-selling user interface as well as adding a host of new features.

Kith and Kin Pro 3 is a genealogy software package for storing, querying and documenting family trees. It features an easy to use graphical interface and powerful data management tools which makes it ideal for large or small trees.

The Kith and Kin series is the original Windows genealogy software, started in 1993 under Windows 3.1, and now used by thousands of users in over 50 countries worldwide.

These are just some of the new features:
  • Adobe PDF file export for all reports.- Soundex and Metaphone searches. This allows the user to search for similar sounding surnames.- Soundex and Metaphone code calculator.
  • Families can be arranged into selectable "Layers". This allows the user to "grey out" all families except the ones he wants to work on.
  • Simplified Search Window. As well as powerful SQL queries, users will be able to carry out much simpler searches.
  • Several different picture records can be linked to the same image file.
  • Pictures can be arranged into an order defined by the user.
  • Pictures can be added to source references and source documents.
  • Drag and drop pictures from Windows Explorer.
  • Web page export uses a CSS stylesheet. This makes the Web pages much easier to customise.- Supplied with several pre-defined stylesheets.

Full details are on the new Kith and Kin Pro 3 Website

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