Thursday, May 14, 2009

OneGreatFamily: "GenealogyCloud"

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New "GenealogyCloud" Brings Cloud Computing to the Family Tree Now Provides a Family Tree Foundation Accessible to Other Applications

May 13, 2009, Springville, UT - is now offering "GenealogyCloud" - a full-featured API providing access to a web-based genealogy record keeping system.

OneGreatFamily has spent more than 10 years and invested approximately $10 million refining its powerful family tree engine.

For years, has provided family history enthusiasts with an internet-based genealogy program for building a family tree, storing memories and facts, and extending family tree branches by connecting into research that has already been done by others. This internet-based functionality has recently been termed "cloud computing," meaning that the software being accessed by end users is not housed on their own computers but in the "cloud" of the internet.

Ready-Made Family Tree Foundation Available for New Development IdeasNow, OneGreatFamily is taking cloud computing to the next step by making its functionality available to other developers working on family tree-based programs. "There are literally hundreds of developers who already are working on specific genealogy or 'family relationship' programs," said Alan Eaton, founder and CEO of "But they have to devote too many resources to creating a basic family tree database before they can even start working on the new functionality or user experience that would make them unique."

"With GenealogyCloud, they can use our API to automatically generate advanced online family trees and immediately focus efforts on their desired functionality," continued Eaton.
This new cloud computing service offered by OneGreatFamily allows for rapid application development and substantially smaller software programs because the database foundation is based in the internet, not in the application program. Developers can avoid a host of costly issues including database development, testing and licenses, hardware acquisition, hosting, data storage and bandwidth, plus the staff to maintain and monitor equipment. Additionally, developers have the opportunity to generate additional revenue with an affiliate relationship with

Genealogy Developers Likely to be Familiar with GenealogyCloud's API
The API for Genealogy Cloud is based on the GEDCOM 5.5 specification and is accessible using either a REST or SOAP interface. It is similar to the API published by the LDS Church for its new FamilySearch system, so systems developed to that spec can typically be easily converted to GenealogyCloud.

The GenealogyCloud API includes basic family tree functionality, like creating people, tying them together into families, GEDCOM import, and more. But it also includes unique functionality not available in any other web service. For example, with View Preservation, two users can share the same ancestor, but each sees their own unique view of that ancestor, including differing dates, places, spouses, children, parents, etc. Each can also see, accept, or ignore all the other views of that ancestor. Automated Match, Automated Merge, and Groups also deliver unique functionality.

There are many possible uses for Genealogy Cloud, ranging from genealogy functions to tracking information for medical purposes to managing information on pedigrees, and more. It is ready to be licensed and used today. Visit to review the web service documentation and see sample applications.

About, LLC, was founded in 1999 by Alan Eaton with a vision to match and merge all of the separate family trees created by genealogists into one single unified worldwide family tree. This single family tree would remove all duplication while maintaining all differences in conclusions genealogists would draw from the research evidence. Today more than 196,000,000 individuals have been submitted to in family trees. OneGreatFamily also publishes Relatively Me, an application for Facebook, as well as the new GenealogyCloud. The company is privately held, based in Springville, Utah and has approximately 25 employees.

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